"All right, Ivy, but.. look, don't do anything stupid. Ivy? Shit.."
Zachary West to Ivy Song. [src]

Zachary West is an AI engineer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Zachary West worked as AI engineer on Talos I. When Typhon break the containment, West and Ivy Song try to enter the Deep Storage, only to find out that the doors are closed. In order to open them, they need a voice sample from Danielle Sho. West and Song decide to gather enough of her voice samples and hack them together. Song sets out to collect the samples, while West warns her to not do anything stupid.

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Morgan Yu finds West's corpse in front of the entrance to Deep Storage. His disfigured face implies that West was killed by a Mimic. He carries burnt circuit board, spare parts, crew quarters keycard and a treasure map for hordinbaffle flagdasterous. GLOO canisters, Silenced Pistol and a TranScribe are laying near him.

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