Who is December? is a side quest in Prey (2017)

Overview Edit

I’ve been contacted by another operator named December. Like January, it has my voice. However, December’s directive is to help me escape Talos I. It claims that before I lost my memory, I hid the key to Alex’s private escape pod in the debriefing room in the neuromod division. It looks like Alex figured out my - its? - scheme first though. The key was gone, but I tracked a series of clues that led me to a safe in Alex’s office. The safe had old TranScribe logs from… me. Plus a key to Alex’s room in the crew facilities. I found Alex’s Escape Pod Key in his room. I could just leave all this behind now.

Objectives Edit

  • Get the key to Alex’s escape pod
  • Search Alex’s Office Safe
  • Search Alex’s Rom for the Escape Pod Key
  • Escape Talos I (arboretum)
  • Search December

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