Gus Magill: Hey Lane, this is Gus down in Cargo. Hey listen, uh... did you order any Reployers from Earth?

Lane Carpenter: Order any what?

Gus Magill: Reployer. It's uh... machine.

Lane Carpenter: A machine? What does it do?

Gus Magill: Well, I'm not sure. I was hoping that you could tell me.

Lane Carpenter: Is this some kind of joke? I'm busy.

Gus Magill: You're an industrial designer right, so I thought you would know.

Lane Carpenter: You obviously don't understand what I do. And I didn't order any deployer.

Gus Magill: RE-ployer.

Lane Carpenter: Ask somebody in engineering.

Gus Magill: I did! I've been asking everyone. No one ordered it or knows anything about it.

Lane Carpenter: Weird. Well... perhaps I can come down this evening and take a look at it.

Gus Magill: That'd be great. Thanks, Lane!

Lane Carpenter: Yeah. No problem.