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Weavers are a type of Typhon that appear in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

They are able to reanimate the husks of humans whose psi-energy has been devoured by Mimics, turning the husks into Phantoms.[1]

They can create Typhon creatures like the Telepath in order to protect the Typhon ecology and reach their goals. Additionally, they create something called Coral, a colorful thread-like substance.

However, on some occasions their attempt to create a Phantom fails, resulting to the elusive Poltergeist as a result.

Design Edit

Weavers are actually several mimics clustered near a large energy source, which they will merge to form one. It seems to have the ability to " promote " average typhons to elite tier, which does more damage, faster, and harder to kill and can be a nuisance.Weavers look like clustered tentacles, 3 in the top and several on the underside. Abilities unknown, except it revives husks, upgrade typhons it sees fit, and produces coral, which color is shining gold. Upon first encounter, it induces a powerful hallucination of typhon particles attaching to neural cells, and with a feminine voice saying " don't let them do this to you " possibly Morgan resisting mind control, which might have the typhons referred him to as an " anomaly " and January telling the coral was not anywhere out of containment cylinders until now. [2]

Strategy Edit


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