Weapon Upgrade Kit
"A programmable weapon modification device. Requires Gunsmith or Lab Tech ability for advanced upgrades."
In-game description [src]

A Weapon Upgrade Kit can be used to upgrade most ranged guns in Prey (2017). Upgrade Kits can be found around Talos I, and there are two places that a fabrication plan can be found to make unlimited Upgrade Kits. One is in the Hardware Labs in the large Repair Bay containing the Airlock, where the fabrication plan can be found in a fenced-off area blocked by boxes: accessing this area requires either Leverage III to move the boxes by hand, or the use of a Recycler Charge to destroy them. The plan can also be downloaded from Sarah Elazar's computer in Crew Quarters.

The number of Upgrade Kits that can be applied to a weapon is limited, and weapons cannot be fully upgraded without specific Neuromods. For "security" weapons (the Silenced Pistol, Disruptor Stun Gun and Shotgun) these are Gunsmith I and II, while "non standard tech weapons" (the GLOO Cannon and Q-Beam) require Lab Tech I and II.

The grenade-type weapons, Wrench and Huntress Boltcaster cannot be upgraded.

Material cost: Mineral icon 3, Synthetic icon 3

Material Yield: Mineral icon 0.5, Synthetic icon 0.2