"We all must act according to our nature. No matter what the psychologists and priests say."
Walther Dahl [src]
Walther Dahl
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Appears in:

Prey (2017)


Silenced Pistol

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Voice Actor:

Steve Blum

Walther Dahl is the recovery team leader on Talos I and appears in Prey (2017).

History Edit

Dahl was stationed in Earth's orbit. When William Yu ordered on securing data from Talos I and exterminating its human personnel, he will come to the shuttle bay to finish the job.

Prey (2017) Edit

Dahl's operatives (Military Operator) will appear first at Arboretum when Kaspar intercepted the upload from Alex Yu to Morgan Yu. Morgan will then search of Dahl's whereabouts and his partner, Kaspar in the Shuttle Bay before they decide to confront him on Life Support due to his ultimatum by cutting off oxygen on one of three locations (Psychotronics, Cargo Bay or Arboretum).

If Dayo Igwe is saved, he want Morgan to render Dahl unconscious with a stun gun at Life Support, where then Morgan and Igwe will perform surgery on Dahl in the Neuromod Division to remove his memories about receiving William Yu's orders which will lead Dahl and other survivors on Talos I to escape together in the Shuttle Bay. If Morgan didn't save Igwe and knocked Dahl unconscious, they will confront him again at Arboretum where he is attempting to hack Alex Yu's code. Morgan can either knock him unconscious again or kill him. As long as Dahl and Igwe survives, the escape option through Shuttle Bay will be available but if one of them died, the escape through Shuttle Bay will not be avaiable.

Personality and skills Edit

Dahl expertise in electronic combat and infiltration paired with ruthless pragmatism make him an ideal asset for solving intractable problems. Dahl prefers the company of Operators who do not question orders.

Gallery Edit

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