Volunteer 12 or V-122854-12 is a TranStar volunteer stationed on Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Volunteer 12 was stationed in Psychotronics Live Exam chamber. A Weaver would have been released into volunteers chamber after he was killed and the researchers would have recorded results. Before the researchers can finish their live exam, Typhons break the containment and begin to wreck havoc around the station.

Prey (2017) Edit

In order to gain access to G.U.T.S., Morgan Yu has to finish the procedure. When the Weaver gets access to the Volunteer 12 body, it turns him into a voltaic Phantom. Morgan eventually defeats the Phantom and gains access to G.U.T.S..

Trivia Edit

  • Volunteer 12 is the first voltaic Phantom encountered in the game.

Gallery Edit

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