AlienNoire is hosting a petition, if you want Prey 2 back, GET OVER THERE AND SIGN IT!

I am of the opinion that the world, NEEDS prey 2. The big multi-species science fiction franchises, are all dessicated husks of what the once-were. Mass Effect, Star Wars, an d Star Trek have all lost their flavor and life.

BUT there is also some good news people, first off there has bee a supposed "leak" of Prey 2ds achievements...

judge for yourself

But I will tell you this, the name "Mimeran" is real, and has only appeared ONCE throughout prey 2s ad-campaign, the file-name of one of the various images released to promote the project.

There has also been hints that there is a prey 2 beta testing occurring.

I dont think we have seen the last of prey 2 people.

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