• Ralok

    Petition! Get Prey 2 BACK!

    March 27, 2013 by Ralok

    AlienNoire is hosting a petition, if you want Prey 2 back, GET OVER THERE AND SIGN IT!

    I am of the opinion that the world, NEEDS prey 2. The big multi-species science fiction franchises, are all dessicated husks of what the once-were. Mass Effect, Star Wars, an d Star Trek have all lost their flavor and life.

    BUT there is also some good news people, first off there has bee a supposed "leak" of Prey 2ds achievements...

    judge for yourself

    But I will tell you this, the name "Mimeran" is real, and has only appeared ONCE throughout prey 2s ad-campaign, the file-name of one of the various images released to promote the project.…

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  • Ralok

    We are in the clear!

    April 19, 2012 by Ralok


    It has however been delayed, I am willing to bet that the game was about to be cancelled but outside factors (fan reaction, and the ME3 fiasco) breathed life back into it!

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  • Ralok

    Prey 2 Advertisement

    November 18, 2011 by Ralok

    As we all know skyrim just came out, and of course it has absorbed us all. But as I was looking at my highly detailed map that I received with the game, I also noticed something incredibly AWESOME!!!!!

    An advert insert for Prey 2

    nothing new, but have a look!!!!!

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  • Ralok

    The Races of Prey

    August 28, 2011 by Ralok

    Well, prey has undergone a radical shift in structure. It is no longer a universe formatted like doom, resistence, or red faction. No longer does a single enemy sit upon a pedestle of wrong, and a single force stand for good. Normally a reformmatting like this would hurt the universe (ask red faction about when it added aliens) . . . . but . . . In prey, stated that other races and worlds existed out there. There was enough little things to indicate that this type of system could exist, and now it looks completely awesome.

    So I have noticed that there are a myriad of races now inhabiting the universe, and these races seem to be used well, instead of creating far too many races too keep track of they have created a few. And here I shall disc…

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  • Ralok

    Tommy Returns

    August 12, 2011 by Ralok

    WEll the moment we have all waited for, the return of an old friend from prey. Domasi Tawodi . . . . . okay fine Tommy!!!!

    When prey 2 was first announced it was well received but there was some confusion as too how the two games would connect! Right now it would seem the portal that tommy traveled through at the end of Prey transported him too the world of Exodus.

    Which would mean that is likely the world the hidden escaped too at the end of prey, thus Killian likely escaped with the hidden. Too me this is somewhat a confirmation of the existence of other humans on the world of exodus, at least I hope soo.

    Point is . . . this rocks

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