Turrets are autonomous machine guns that are used on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Turrets are portable, autonomous machine gun systems that attack enemies. Turrets can be friendly or hostile to the player. If friendly, they can be repaired (if the player has sufficient spare parts) and reinforced (if the player has the prerequisite ability and sufficient spare parts) which gives the turret greater damage reduction. If hostile, turrets can be destroyed or hacked and turned friendly.

Turrets can be manufactured from Fabricators after obtaining the fabrication plan in the Security Office Safe in the Cargo Bay. The safe code is given by Sarah Elazar once the player meets with her in Cargo Bay B.

Initially all turrets are friendly. Turrets become hostile:

  • If player has many Typhon Neuromods installed (only 2 Neuromods can be spent across all Typhon skill trees)
  • If certain enemies hacked them (usually Technopath).

Turrets can be fortified with Repair III and it costs 3 Spare Parts for each fortification. When fortified, its durability will be increased by 200%, which will enable the turret defeat Phantoms with less worry of being broken in a short time.

Usage Edit

Turrets can be used by engineers as an alternate way to deal with enemies. They will also provide protection for survivors that player has just saved to avoid being attacked by Typhons.

Quests Edit

  • Cargo Bay Defenses

Achievement Edit

  • The Gates of Hell

Gallery Edit

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