Lorenzo Calvino: Miyu. This is Dr. Calvino.

Miyu Okabe: What's up?

Lorenzo Calvino: I'm feeling ill. Not myself today. I think I won't be in for my shift at all.

Miyu Okabe: Okay. Do you still want me to finish this array? I fabricated a shit-ton of glass.

Lorenzo Calvino: Array? I... don't recall-

Miyu Okabe: You asked me to set up a new array.

Lorenzo Calvino: You... must have misunderstood. Eh... are you-honestly I'd prefer it if you left my experiments alone in my absence.

Miyu Okabe: Uh... well. Look - I have a message you left me. Seriously. I would not have made all this if you hadn't-

Lorenzo Calvino: No, no, of course. I remember now. Let's just... for the time being... it doesn't matter.

Miyu Okabe: It doesn't matter?

Lorenzo Calvino: Let's talk about it tomorrow.