Sarah Elazar: Dr. Yu, it's been three days. I'm following up to see

Alex Yu: Was my answer not clear?

Sarah Elazar: Not until you give me an answer that makes sense. You've told me about the organisms. You admit you don't know everything about their physiology - I've read the reports, I've read what they can do. Yet the weapons you've provided us are substandard, especially considering the technology present on the station...

Alex Yu: The Typhon are secure. Your job is to keep the employees pointed in the right direction. You don't need... military firepower for that.

Sarah Elazar: We are the best for a reason, Dr. Yu. It would be in your interest to invest a little more in light of the.. unusual circumstances. If even one of those organisms escapes

Alex Yu: Thank you for your suggestion, Chief Elazar, I'll take it under advisement. Do not contact me again about this matter.