Abigail Foy: All right... Elias has...

Elias Black: Stabfellow!

Abigail Foy: Stabfellow has vanished into the darkness beyond the tower door. The only sign of him is his blood trail - but as you watch, the flagstones seem to drink in the blood, the cracks glistening red...

Zachary West: Jesus Christ on a stick, Abigail.

Emma Beatty: Don't be such a baby. We either head through the door-

Zachary West: Forget that. It just ate our warrior.

Emma Beatty: Unless you can handle the entire pack of Rat Men, oh spell-less wonder, we don't have much choice. Elias? Sorry - Stabfellow?

Elias Black: Captain Stabfellow. Can I answer her?

Abigail Foy: Hell no. You hear nothing from the darkness. It has swallowed Stabfellow - completely.

Zachary West: All right, let me light a torch. and-

Danielle Sho: Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Stationwide OS upgrade, had to hold Bellamy's hand through the whole process. Abby, do you have my character sheet?

Abigail Foy: You made it... Yes, right here.

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