This is a chronological timeline of events related to the history of Prey (2017).


The Soviet Union launches the Vorona-1 satellite to secure their lead in the Space Race. The Vorona-1 entered stable orbit around Earth-Moon Lagrange Point-2 and began transmitting deep-space telemetry back to Earth. After communication ceased, a manned mission was sent to investigate. The Soviet repair crew are subsequently killed by a hostile non-terrestrial life form. The incident was classified as a state secret by the Soviet leadership.


The Soviet Union contacted the United States government and pleaded for help in containing the alien threat. President John F. Kennedy agreed to their request.


The U.S.-Soviet collaboration resulted in the Kletka program, a permanent installation to contain the non-terrestrials.


The historic partnership between the U.S. and Soviet Union become short-lived; after President Kennedy survived an assassination attempt in Dallas, Texas, the U.S. government seized control of the joint program and reuse Kletka as part of Project Axiom. Within a span of two decades, the Kletka space station would evolve into a fully functional Research & Development facility that study the non-terrestrials now labeled Typhon.


A containment failure in Kletka leads to the deaths of everyone aboard at the hands of the Typhons. Dubbed the "Pobeg Incident" this tragedy combines with geopolitical instability on Earth and results in the decommissioning of Project Axiom by its U.S. administrators.


The TranStar board of directors is established.

The TranStar Corporation purchases and privatizes the Kletka facility.


32 people are killed in the 2029 Red Square attacks perpetuated by four members of the Menshevik movement. The perpetrators are transferred to the TranStar Volunteer Initiative.[1]


Kletka is refitted as Talos I, a cutting-edge innovation center. The TranStar research team achieved a greater understanding of the Typhon organisms than three decades of government research and develop advances in neuroscience. This culminate in the creation of the first Neuromod.


  1. I Volunteered

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