Lily Morris: Everything go well?

Eddie Voss: Eventually. Had to wait a while. Two assholes from the sales team chose that exact moment to stand under the alarm bell and smoke cigars.

Lily Morris: So, it's off Talos? My clients are eager.

Eddie Voss: Yeah. Just made the last shipment. Should be Earthside by morning. Pacific Time.

Lily Morris: Good. I'll be leaving another package for you after tomorrow's shift.

Eddie Voss: Drop site?

Lily Morris: The Lobby. Assuming it works?

Eddie Voss: Of course it works. Three taps with a wrench. That'll pop it open. All of them will work that way by tomorrow.

Lily Morris: You're adorable when you get proud of your gadgets.

Eddie Voss: Don't patronize me, Lily.