This Isn't a Drill is a TranScribe in Prey (2017).


From: Galel Seif
To: Octavia Figgs
Galel Seif: Are you on your way?

Octavia Figgs: On my way where?

Galel Seif: Octavia! Didn't you see the alert? We're supposed to muster.

Octavia Figgs: Listen, it's really sweet that you're worried about me, but we've had alerts before and I've got three more of these glorified vacuum cleaners to fix before my shift is over. Oh... make that four. Somebody dropped off another. God these things are junk.

Galel Seif: I don't think this is a drill, Octavia. I'm sending you the code. Please. Come to the escape pods right now.


This TranScribe can be found next to Octavia Figgs's corpse in the Staff Lounge, Talos I Lobby.