Annalise Gallegos: Hello, Dr. Kelstrup? I want to follow up on my request to view on of the volunteer abdication contracts.

Hans Kelstrup: Anna. You're supposed to be off today.

Annalise Gallegos: I had some free time so I thought-

Hans Kelstrup: I've already told you the V.A.C.'s are sealed documents. My hands are tied.

Annalise Gallegos: But isn't there some allowance for the researchers? I mean, my God. I'm the one pushing the button.

Hans Kelstrup: (Deep Breath) Look. I understand. I really do. You wouldn't be human if this was easy.

Annalise Gallegos: I just want to be sure.

Hans Kelstrup: Believe me. Everything we've done is perfectly legal.

Annalise Gallegos: That's because Talos I is in extra-national space... there ARE no laws.

Hans Kelstrup: Anna. You're tired. It's affecting your judgement. Now, I've tolerated it for a while, but enough is enough. You need to take some time. Understood?

Annalise Gallegos: Yes, Dr. Kelstrup. I understand.

Hans Kelstrup: Good. Look, you've made me late for a meeting with Alex.