[Excerpt from Book 3 of The Starbender Cycle, by Fetcher McMarvin]

Trevor Pulsar slammed the Talon's engine into overdrive, praying to Z'loar he'd make the gap in the asteroid field before Mordrax raiders caught up to him. He was on urgent business for Empress Tourmaline, and rotting in a Mordrax kill-prison wouldn't do.

"JT-88!" Trevor barked. "Patch me thrugh to the nearest Royal Fleet outpost."

Moments later a scrambled hypersignal could be heard in the cockpit, resolving from static to discordant tones and finally a voice.

"Trevor, is that you? This is outpost Lambda. Where in Z'loar's name have you been?"

Trevor replied, cool as a cucumber, "Saving all of your asses. I found Starbender Prism and I'm coming in hot."

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