[Excerpy from Book 2 of The Starbender Cycle, by Fetcher McMarvin]

As the Mordax scream-flayer crumpled to the ground in front of her, Mercy flexed her fingers. They ached from all the choking.

Trevor rounded the corner behind her, phase pistol still smoking, the cries of the Mordax hot on his heels.

Mercy grunted, "I don't get it, Trevor. Why did you spring me from this kill-prison? I've tried to off you, like, seven times."

Trevor replied between blasts of his pistol, "Because you're the only one who's come close to killing me." Another blast. "And you're the only one I can trust. We're going to steal the Starbender Prism out from under Prince Argon's nose."

Mercy could only smirk. Her fingers were feeling better already.

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