[Excerpt from Book 1 of The Starbender Cycle, by Fetcher McMarvin]

Empress Tourmaline gazed past her stern reflection, into the inky black, her angular features circumscribed by the prime viewing dome of the capital ship, Shatterthrax.

The Royal Astronomer cleared his throat.

"Furthermore, your majesty, the Darkstar Anomaly will gain momentum once it begins devouring systems. Within a matter of months the entire galaxy will be consumed. From that point, it will have enough mass to pull other galaxies into its maw."

"I suppose you want to fund an expedition to find this... Starbender Prism. The way you prattle on about the thing - if it exists - it might be the key to saving our galaxy."

"Your majesty..."

"There's only one man I know mad enough to take this on."

"You can't mean..."

"Trevor Pulsar."

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