"This is the land of your fathers, Tommy. The land of the ancients."
Enisi, explaining where Tommy is. [src]

The Land of The Ancients is an after-life location where all dead Cherokees continue to exist once they've died. The only way to access this land is to either die, have a near-death experience of some sort or open a dimensional portal. Enisi resides in it after Tommy witnesses his brutal death, Jen ends up there once Tommy killed her in an unfortunate battle, and even Tommy's pet hawk Talon was there, until it joined him in his quest through the sphere.


The Land of The Ancients appears as a beautiful mountainous desert landscape. There is a fireplace in the middle where a sacred fire burns. Around it there are four falcon statues - this is where Enisi usually appears.

There is a cave hidden behind a sliding stone circle containing a test for Tommy in which he learns of his spirit powers. There is another temple-like structure in the conjoined room that contains a giant eagle statue. That room is where Tommy gains the spirit bow and health upgrade.