Thaddeus York is an exotic material specialist working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Thaddeus York is an exotic material specialist working aboard Talos I in the Hardware Labs. When the Hardware Labs director Jorgen Thorstein goes to give the Looking Glass presentation in place of Lorenzo Calvino, he leaves York in charge and gives him his office's door code. Thaddeus also receives another email from Thorstein to keep an eye on Franklin Goode, who had been spending a lot of time on personal projects and recreational pursuits, on suspicion he would use the Artax Propulsion System to access unauthorized areas.

When the Typhon break containment, Thaddeus is in the machine shop and hears an explosion. Thorstein contacts him and orders him to get to his office as they are evacuating. He also asks Thaddeus to bring a GLOO Cannon and anything he can find, such as exotic materials and neuromods.

Prey (2017) Edit

If Morgan Yu enters the audience area of the demonstration stage first, Thaddeus York may be seen alive fleeing from a Phantom that used to be Clive Lawrence. Thaddeus uses his Gloo Gun to reach a maintenance shaft, but the Phantom hits him with a Kinetic Blast and kills him.

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  • Thaddeus cannot be saved since Morgan is blocked by the demonstration stage's glass, and is found already dead if Morgan enters the demonstration stage area first.

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