The Telepath (Typhon psychocratis) is a hostile Typhon encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017) and on Pytheas moon base during Prey: Mooncrash.

Overview Edit

Telepaths are Typhon that serve as mini-bosses in the game. According to TranStar Industries research the Telepaths are Mimics that have been 'evolved' by the Weavers. They casually float through the environment and overpower the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to be in their presence. Also according to research, the Psychoscope protects against this overpowering ability, which explains why a Telepath doesn't just simply take control of Morgan Yu when encountered.

The humans that get possessed by Telepaths are aware of this fact, but are powerless to do anything. In addition to commanding a horde of mind-slaves, Telepaths can throw out deadly blasts of psychic energy that deal near-lethal amounts of damage that not only nullify your Psi for a short time(really, it's hardly noticeable), blur your vision, and have homing properties.

It is unknown if the head destruction effect experienced by mind-controlled humans is deliberate on the part of the Telepath or not.

Design Edit

Like other Typhon, Telepaths are composed of a shifting mass of black tendrils. They are amorphous in shape, with their tendrils hanging down and overlapping each other. A glowing purple-white orb in the front of the Telepath appears to serve as an eye.

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Strategy Edit

If the Telepath has ensnared a large group of Humans to its service, the Humans should be your first target, as they are capable of highly damaging suicide attacks on Morgan. Use a Nullwave transmitter, the Stun Gun or a Typhon power to knock them out and then deal with the Telepath. The mind-controlled humans will typically alert you to their presence with cries or screams. The GLOO Cannon is very effective at temporarily disabling them if other, faster options are not available.

Given their habit of floating out of Melee range, use firearms or offensive powers to damage the Telepath, avoiding its PSI dampening blasts and staying on the move to avoid death. If any other humans are in the area and not already mind-controlled by the Telepath, try and disable them somehow to deny the Telepath another running bomb.

If you defeat a Telepath while the humans are still awake and mind-controlled by it, they will fall unconscious. It is currently unknown whether they are able to be revived from this unconscious state. However, a transition note that can appear states that humans that have been freed from Typhon mind-control will eventually wake up and make their way to safety. If you manage to save Rani Chaudhary during her related quest however, she will instead go to Cargo Bay B to join up with the security forces there.

If you use Mindjack on Rani Chaudhary, she will pull out a pistol and attack the Telepath with it, before the Telepath regains control of her. Using a nullwave or electrical attack on the Telepath will prevent this happening, and so you can double up with Rani to attack it.

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