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  • Commands a horde of mind-slaves
  • Shoot psychic energy
Appears in::

Prey (2017)

Telepath also known as Typhon Pyschocratis by its scientific name is a hostile Typhon encountered on Talos-1 during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Telepaths are Typhons that serve as mini-bosses in the game. According to TranStar Industries research the Telepath's are Mimic's that have been 'evolved' by the Weavers. They casually float through the environment and overpower the minds of anyone unfortunate enough to be in their presence. The humans that get possessed by Telepaths are aware of this fact, but are powerless to do anything. In addition to commanding a horde of mind-slaves, Telepaths can throw out deadly blasts of psychic energy that brings Morgan to the brink of death.

It is unknown if the head destruction effect experienced by mind-controlled humans is deliberate on the part of the Telepath or not.

Design Edit

Telepaths look like giant floating blobs. They have a big white circle in the middle of them, serving as an eye.

Strategy Edit

If the Telepath has ensnared a large group of Humans to it's service, the Humans should be your first target, as they are capable of highly damaging suicide attacks on Morgan. Use a Nullwave transmitter, the Stun Gun or a Typhon power to knock them out and then deal with the Telepath. The mind-controlled humans will typically alert you to their presence with cries or screams. The GLOO Cannon is very effective at temporarily disabling them if other, faster options are not available.

Given their habit of floating out of Melee range, use firearms or offensive powers to damage the Telepath, avoiding their PSI dampening blasts and staying on the move to avoid death. If any other humans are in the area and not already mind-controlled by the Telepath, try and disable them somehow to deny the Telepath another running bomb.

If you defeat Telepath while the humans are still awake and mind-controlled by it, they will fall unconscious. It is currently unknown whether they are able to be revived from this unconscious state and are able to act like other human npc's such as the prisoner, a theory would suggest that the mind control after affects may put the person into a coma, disabling them forever.

Gallery Edit

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