The Technopath is hostile Typhon encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Spawned by the Weaver using one or more Operators, the Technopath can manipulate machinery aboard the Talos-1. The Technopath can control and manipulate both the physical hardware and software of any mechanical or technological device it has encountered at this time at will. Reports show that the Technopath appeared differently than the other Typhon organisms. Personnel reports show that the first signs of the Technopaths appearing were software glitches and hardware rewiring that appeared out of nowhere, no Typhon material was detected at this time.

By the time of the outbreak, the Technopaths fully emerged into the multiple Operator conglomerates with Typhon material and occasionally Turrets built into their bodies. Technopaths seem to be only able to completely control technology when it is near its physical avatar, otherwise it appears to only interact with other computers as other computers would. This Typhon was not seen by TranStar scientists until the outbreak that took hold of Talos-1.

Design Edit

It looks like a Telepath but has a large-looking Operator infused in it. It also has a blue eye instead of white. It can have turrets on it which makes it worse. A Technopath with a Turret is in Deep Storage.

Strategy Edit

  • In 1v1 case (with normal gravitation) player can wrench it to death while non-stop running and using covers to regain stamina.
  • The Technopath's attacks are electronic arcing nodes that ignore armor and can deactivate weapons such as GLOO Guns and Q-Beams temporarily, in the same manner as the Voltaic Phantom. Shotguns and similar weapons are unaffected. Hitting it with an EMP will prevent it from using this attack for a short time.
  • In space or overall Q-beam seems effective, however it takes two whole Q-beam cell packs to kill it or at least one Q-beam cell pack if fully upgraded.
  • A fully upgraded pistol (or golden pistol) is an easy way to kill it.
  • Avoid using turrets near it as it will likely turn them against you immediately making it harder to deal with them.
  • Any turrets, hacked or not, will be instantly picked by the Technopath even if they were not deployed, unless you place them where the Technopath can't reach them (such as closed rooms) or the Turret is not in condition to fight (Broken Turrets).
  • It is unknown if the Technopath has a maximum limit of Turrets or operators it can control simultaneously.
  • Circling around constantly and attacking the Technopath with a Pistol or Q-Beam at a safe range is a very effective strategy as the Technopath's attacks will never reach you because of the constant loop and the electric projectiles take time to charge and attack. However, this strategy can only be used in Talos I Exterior.
    • Ensure you stay mobile at all times when doing this in order to succeed.