Talos I Exterior is a location featured in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The Exterior is a huge, wide-open space, which Morgan must traverse in order to finish various side quests or to quickly reach other parts of the station. If Morgan flies out too far beyond the rings orbiting the station, radiation will begin building up and eventually kill the player. The giant billboard orbiting Talos I can be hacked to warn people that the escape pods do not work.

Enemies like Phantom and Nightmare will not appear here as they will die instantly due to lack of oxygen and zero gravity.

Once Apex arrives, access to Talos I Exterior will be sealed permanently and all quests that needed you to go to Talos I Exterior will be failed instantly.

Enemies Edit

Characters Edit

Quests Edit

  • Derelict Shuttle
  • Mikhaila's Medicine
  • Million Dollar Caulk Gun

Gallery Edit

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