DAY 3: We had driven far enough that our fuel ran out. More jets flew over, headed toward the city. One circled back and made several passes over us but did not shoot.

That night in the desert we sat by the empty truck and listened to the booming of artillery. Flashes of bombs and lightning covered the horizon. In the morning our city was lost in what appeared to be shimmering heat waves. High overhead there were brilliant flashes of light. Some said it was an atomic bomb, and others said it was God's wrath. Today I know it was just an accident. Scientists that thought they knew everything. But they did not.

There were so many people lost that day. So many that I can barely comprehend it. But it was Aleeza that hurt my heart. I know she was just a dog and I am ashamed of my feelings. But she did not make this world we live in. She was mine to protect and I failed.

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