DAY 1: I had dropped off my dog at the groomer. Her name was Aleeza. It means Joy. I said goodbye and walked a few blocks to get some cafe botz near the park.

Some jets flew over, very low, and the sound was so loud it made me jump. I don't know where they were from but they were bristling with bombs and rockets. Everyone was looking up and the sound of the jets was echoing off the buildings but we could not see them anymore.

The sky was clear and I could see pink smoke rising from the direction of the stadium. Then the sirens started. I had not heard them since my childhood. Some people stood confused but my instinct told me to run. Run away from the stadium. Run away from Aleeza.

Some people were running with me, but we didn't know where to go. I saw a policeman directing people into a basement restaurant. I think it was an old bomb shelter. I looked up at the sky again and saw an airliner. It was not military, I am certain. I think it was going to the airport. While I watched, it turned into glitter without a sound. It was just gone. A man near me began to curse. I fell down and hit my head on the street.

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