Subject: Dr. Annalise Gallegos
Prepared by: Officer Maliah Fowles
For: Alex Yu

Known associate: Quentin Purvis (Engineer, Life Support)
Known associate: William Mitchell (Chef, Crew Quarters)

08:05AM Subject left private quarters. Presumably to report for first shift. Verified with Psychotronics Security.
09:13AM Subject returned to private quarters during shift hours. Reason unknown.
09:21AM Quentin Purvis was observed entering subject's quarters.
09:45AM Quentin Purvis left subject's quarters. Observed carrying a portable drive.
10:01AM Subject left private quarters, walked to cafeteria and was admitted by Chef Will Mitchell.
10:15AM Subject left Crew Quarters. Verified with Psychotronics Security subject reported back to workstation.
07:47PM Subject returned to Crew Quarters. Took meal into room.

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