Josh Dalton: Hello, Lane.

Lane Carpenter: Josh? What the hell is this? I got a security request saying to- (Frustrated Sigh) Not funny, asshole.

Josh Dalton: You know what's not funny? Taking credit for my design.

Lane Carpenter: That's what this is about? I'm senior on the Blackbox project, Josh. That's how it works here. If you weren't such a pisspoor team player you'd understand that. And by the way, I had to fix a bunch of your calculations so it's not y-Seriously? You're recording this? (Laughs) Is uh... is this a big sting operation, Josh? Are you going to hand me over to the DA? You're so pathetic. I'm done here. Josh. What are you doing?

Josh Dalton: Let's just see... how good my calculations are. (Weapon Powering Up)

Lane Carpenter: I swear to God, if you don't put that down I will rip it out of your sweaty hands and Josh!

(Sounds of Energy Beam Firing)