The Shuttle bay is the "spaceport" for landing and departing commercial spaceships on board Talos I in Prey (2017)

In the Main Story, Dahl's shuttle will dock at the Shuttle Bay and the Military Operators are already swarming the place. The hordes of Military Operators, can defeat the Nightmare in a matter of seconds, but they can also be corrupted or controlled by a Technopath.

If Morgan manage to rescue Igwe and Dahl, removing Dahl's memories about receiving order to kill Talos I Staff. On both endings itself, a Shuttle will seen escaped from Talos I regardless of your choice to deploy Nullwave Transmitter or destroy Talos I.

Quests Edit

Main Quest Edit

  • Dahl's whereabout
  • Escape through Shuttle Bay (If Igwe and Dahl survives and you choose to self-destruct Talos I)

Side Quests Edit

  • Crew Whereabouts
  • Kill the Impostor Cook (You will find Volunteer 37 on Escape Pod)
  • Help survivor escape.

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