Sarah Elazar: What do you have for me, Cothron?

Matt Cothron: Chief, yeah... so I checked that flight plan for the Volunteer Shuttle like you requested. You're right - it went dark for twelve minutes before it resumed a path towards Earth - but at a slightly different trajectory than before. It's almost unnoticeable, like it left from a different part of the station, or changed its flight pattern around Talos. 

Sarah Elazar: Twelve Minutes? What about the other shuttles? 

Matt Cothron: It's only the Volunteer shuttles - but it's all of them. They go dark 8-10 minutes after leaving the station, then suddenly re-appear. The VIP shuttles don't show the same... irregularity. 

Sarah Elazar: Got it. Don't talk to anyone about this. 

Matt Cothron: About what, Chief? 

Sarah Elazar: Exactly - good work, Matt. Elazar out.