Shuttle "Advent" is a side quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The shuttle Advent left Talos with five crew aboard and is heading for Earth on a routine trip. They might have departed before the Typhon broke containment, but there's a good chance they're carrying Typhon. I have the ability to detonate the shuttle remotely.

Objectives Edit

Walkthrough Edit

From the Talos I Bridge, go up the stairs on the right hand side to find the Captain’s Loft. Check the captain’s computer first — there’s an email here that says that the shuttle left before the first alarm sounded.

Make your way over to the far side of the room from where you entered. The captain will be on the floor at your feet. Pick up her TranScribe and listen to her debate what to do about the shuttle. (Note: You can also loot the Jada Marks’ cabin keycard off of her body for use during "The Golden Gun.")

And that’s it. The shuttle might have left before the Typhons made it to Talos I. They didn’t find any Mimics during the security scan (when they weren’t looking for mimics). And there were only 30 minutes between the shuttle leaving and the first alarms sounding.

Make your way to the console right next to where Captain Marks fell. There are only two buttons on it. One lets the shuttle land safely, possibly releasing mimics onto Earth. The other blows up a shuttle of clueless workers who were lucky enough to miss the horrors of the containment break.

Trivia Edit

  • Choosing to destroy the shuttle with its passengers does not affect the completion of the "Do No Harm" achievement.
  • The shuttle seen floating around Talos I is not the Advent. It is the shuttle Exalt. It plays a role in a separate side quest Derelict Shuttle. In addition, it may be this shuttle that is referenced in the "Flight Log: Scott Parker" file found on the counter in Jada Marks's personal bar (underneath the book shelves). That file indicates that the Advent approached a derelict shuttle and got orders from a military shuttle to resume their previous course. If it is the Exalt that is referenced, then it is clear that the Advent arrived and delivered their cargo to Talos I after the Typhon broke containment, since mimics were on board the Exalt and caused it to go dark.