Primary fire::


Firing range::

Close to medium

Firing modes::


Rate of fire::



1 Mineral, 25 Synthetic

Featured in::

Prey (2017)

Throne S4 Tactical Pump Shotgun is a weapon found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Unmodified. Firepower: 40, Recoil: 100%, Ammo Capacity: 4, Reload Speed: 100%.

Modified +1. Firepower: 48, Recoil: 75%, Ammo Capacity: 5, Reload Speed: 120%.

The weapon can be found in the Talos I Main Lobby at the entrance to the Neuromod Division on the corpse of Nash Underwood. Also found in the Security Office in the Talos I Main Lobby.

Material Yield: 1 Mineral Material, .25 Synthetic.

Dismantle Results: x2 Spare Parts.

The Margrave Edit


The Margrave is a special Shotgun only available trough the cosmonaut pack with only cosmetic difference to the ordinary shotgun. The Margrave is then found in Morgan's office.

Inspection Edit

"Designed especially for Catherine Yu's participation in the Centennial European Shooting Championship, the Throne "Margrave" is a masterpiece of firearm craftsmanship. Mahogany stock, a proprietary metal alloy barrel and a 24 karat gold inlay combined with superior electronic gun control systems deliver the ultimate shooting experience."

Usage Edit

The shotgun is useful when confronting enemies in small spaces or when facing a foe with a large Health pool, unless you're outnumbered it is typically better the reserve shotgun ammo for larger threats like Phantoms and use the Wrench or Pistol on smaller threats like the Mimic. Keep in mind it is a close quarters weapon and damage fall-off over distance is severe.

A useful combination when using the shotgun against a threat like a phantom is to freeze the enemy with the GLOO Cannon and then advance with the Shotgun once it can't attack you, you are much more likely to hit the fast moving Typhon when they are frozen in place and will waste less ammo on shots that go wide or miss their target.

You should note that it costs the same amount of resources to produce a much higher number of bullets for the pistol, than you obtain for the same material cost for the shotgun, and shotgun ammunition also seems to be scarcer as loot. Economically, it isn't feasible to use the shotgun outside of serious encounters.

Trivia Edit

  • The Margrave could be a homage to the Bioshock shotgun
  • Considering how futuristic the PPN-8 Pistol (which is the standard sidearm of the Security Guards on Talos I) is, it stands in stark contrast to find that the Throne S4 is basically just a standard pump-action shotgun with an internal magazine, not particularly different from the first of its kind, which was made in 1897. The only futuristic thing about it is the monitor on the side.
  • While the Throne S4 is referred to as a tactical shotgun, there is not much about it that gives away this impression. Normally, tactical shotguns sport a number of features, such as: pistol-grips, telescopic stocks, detachable box-magazines (instead of internal magazines), collimator sights, mounted flash-lights and typically no ability to apply a choke due to the way the barrel is fashioned (the shot pattern of the Throne S4 suggests that it is a choked shotgun). The S4 bears a close resemblance to typical skeet guns and hunting shotguns.
  • The shotgun deals a lot of damage in the game compared to the pistol, but the ammunition it uses suggests that it is a type of shotgun shell, loaded with powder levels and pellets of weight levels normally designated for bird-hunting. It is highly unorthodox to load a combat-weapon with such underpowered ammunition, and in the real world, a 9mm pistol would likely deal a lot more damage than a shotgun loaded with bird-shots.

Gallery Edit

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