Mathias Kohl: Sarai. Come in.

Sarah Elazar: It's Sarah. But you can call me Chief Elazar... Matt.

Mathias Kohl: Mathias, please. Forgive me, but your name is "Sarai" in the file-

Sarah Elazar: We've been over this. My mother Americanized it. Will we be spending the next 59 minutes like this? Because we could cut it short right now.

Mathias Kohl: We've discussed your mother. I thought perhaps today we could speak more about the career choices that were... born of that.

Sarah Elazar: Serving in the military wasn't an excuse to get away from her nagging. Matt. I was just - restless.

Mathias Kohl: And you're better now? Not restless?

Sarah Elazar: I'm fine.

Mathias Kohl: Because your last tour of duty was the Evacuation, and reports from there-

Sarah Elazar: I saved as many as I could. For every soldier we lost, we were able to save a hundred civilians.

Mathias Kohl: Yes... tragic. Still, to lose soldiers under your command...

Sarah Elazar: The cost was worth it, in both lives and the unification of the region.

Mathias Kohl: Taking on a losing battle like that... not against enemy troops, but the equivalent of a natural disaster...

Sarah Elazar: It wasn't natural, it was man-made. It prepared me for here, Dr. Kohl. Because this station? It's the same thing, a disaster waiting to happen. We are well-trained and poorly equipped. The research is dangerous. Keeping secrets secret is dangerous. I'm sure you would agree.