Mathias Kohl: You seem... frustrated.

Morgan Yu: I have... months that are just... gone. I've been listening to the logs. Reading the research. Playing catch-up.

Mathias Kohl: Do you know how many times we've had this conversation? This is the fifth time.

Morgan Yu: Does it always go the same way?

Mathias Kohl: Not always.

Morgan Yu: What does that mean?

Mathias Kohl: What do you think it means?

Morgan Yu: I think it means you should be concerned as my counselor.

Mathias Kohl: You left yourself a message. Would you like to listen to it?

Morgan Yu: No.

Mathias Kohl: I think it would help.

Morgan Yu: I said no. That's not me.

Mathias Kohl: Why do you say that?

Morgan Yu: I don't know. I just know.

Mathias Kohl: You agreed to this. This was all your idea. Yours and Alex's.

Morgan Yu: I didn't agree to any of this. That - Morgan - is not me. I would nev-do you know what's going on in Psychotronics? Do you?

Mathias Kohl: If I did, I couldn't say. You know that.

Morgan Yu: What do you know about the Typhon?

Mathias Kohl: Eh we shouldn't talk about them. Not without your brother present.

Morgan Yu: Them. You do know, you snake. How can you sit there?

Mathias Kohl: Morgan. Take a deep breath. Here.

Morgan Yu: I don't want a pill. I want this station shut down. I want Earth-

Mathias Kohl: Morgan...

Morgan Yu: I said no!

Mathias Kohl: OKay... I'm gonna call Alex.