Mathias Kohl: Tell me about the dream.

Lorenzo Calvino: The dream. yes. It's uh... it's always in my lab. And... I'm standing in front of the glass.

Mathias Kohl: Are you alone?

Lorenzo Calvino: Yes

Mathias Kohl: What do you see in the glass?

Lorenzo Calvino: Nothing. At first. I don't want to turn it on. But... I can't help it. I have to turn it on. When I do - it's like the heart of a black hole. An immense... darkness. There's... something... swimming in the black. I catch glimpses. Edges of the shape. I feel as though it wants to come through... onto my side. I have to turn off the glass before it sees me but I always wake before I can.

Mathias Kohl: What does it look like? The shape in the glass.

Lorenzo Calvino: I, uh- nothing

Mathias Kohl: Does it look like this image here? Dr Calvino? Does it look like this?

Lorenzo Calvino: No. No, no. That's... I don't...

Mathias Kohl: Are you sure?

Lorenzo Calvino: Where did you get that drawing? Have you been spying on me? I don't want to talk to you anymore.

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