"My instruments are calibrated for high volume data analysis and live readings."
Science Operator [src]

The Sybil 495 Science class Operator is a variation of the Operators you can find on Talos I.

Overview Edit

The Science Operator restores the player's full Psi points, but only if they are depleted below 75%. It is an alternative to a Psi Hypo.

Description Edit

Excerpt from TranStar Operator BrochureEdit

In the world of scientific progress, nothing is more important than accuracy and safety. This is why all TranStar laboratories are equipped with Sybil 495 science class Operators.

The latest in TranStar's line of Operators, the Science Operator combines unprecedented access to TranStar's scientific databases with two highly customizable utility arms to make an unrivaled laboratory assistant.

Morgan's NotesEdit

Can be found floating around in Psychotronics. Helps restore psi potential.

Trivia Edit

  • When someone bumps into them, Science Operators react nicely, asking if they should move aside or assuming that the person did not see them. Attacking a Science Operator will prompt her to ask Morgan to please not damage her, or ask if Morgan is aware that he/she has damaged her.
  • Corrupted Science Operators will often call out, asking Morgan to let them do a painful experiment on him/her. Like Corrupted Medical Operators, their electric blasts not only do damage, but also drain psi.

Gallery Edit

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