"We are the best for a reason, Dr. Yu. It would be in your interest to invest a little more in light of the... unusual circumstances."
Sarah Elazar [src]

Sarah Elazar is security chief working aboard Talos I and appears in Prey (2017).

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Sarah Elazar was leading a military unit during the event referred to as the "Evacuation" before she became head of security on Talos I. During the event, she lost several soldiers under her command, but claims that it was worth it, because she was able to save many civilians for every life lost on her side.

Prey (2017) Edit

During the events of the game, Elazar is the Head of Security on Talos I. She rounds up survivors in Cargo Bay B and provides Turret defenses to prevent Typhon from infiltrating when the outbreak happens.

In Crew Quarters, she is the only person that has a Weapons Rack in her room. If the player gets her cabin key card, they can loot a Silenced Pistol and Shotgun from the weapons rack, and download the fabrication plan for Weapon Upgrade Kits from her computer, assuming they did not already acquire this plan in the Repair Bay of the Hardware Labs.

When Walther Dahl storms the station, if Elazar and her team are still alive, he tries to asphyxiate them. After Morgan saves them, Elazar takes her team to the Life Support to prevent another situation like this, losing several people to Dahl's Military Operators.

If Morgan chooses to escape Talos I thanks to Dahl's shuttle, Elazar boards the shuttle as well and tells Morgan that they won't have to take all the responsibility for the Typhon outbreak and the resulting crisis.

After Credits Edit

If Morgan helped her during the game and manages to save her in Cargo Bay B, she will give Morgan a commendation. She appears as a Military Operator in the after-credits scene.

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Sarah is not a main character in the story of Prey, but she does make fairly frequent appearances. The game frequently describes her as a natural born leader and states that she works well under pressure and that she has "has little patience for games and is deeply loyal to the officers that report to her." Crew members from the station frequently support the notion that she is a good leader with their statements about her.

Towards Morgan, however, she comes across as somewhat antagonizing, uncompromising and undiplomatic.

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  • The Gates of Hell

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  • Elazar's real name is spelled Sarai, but her mother Americanized her name. Her name and accent suggests that she is of Israeli origin.

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