[Excerpt from a TranStar Sales and Marketing internal memo, by Peter Laney]

I don't think we have to worry too much about the side-effects. From what I gathered, it's just a little pinprick near the eye, right? I mean, it looks scary, but I think if we can get advertising to push some of the more appealing pros of NMs, we can shift public attention from that.

I'm not too worried about the red-eye stuff, either. I don't think any one person in the public sector is gonna manage to get their hands on that many NMs at one time. Not at these prices.

What I find far more worrying, though, are these reports of memory loss during NM removal. I mean, amnesia? Seriously? We can rewire a person's brain, give them any skill we want, but we can't avoid resetting their head back to the moment they got that shit installed if we decide to take it out?

If this leaks, it'll kill NM sales. Doesn't matter if you need specialized equipment and training to take one out. No one wants to risk losing years of their life just for the ability to speak French. This can't even go in the fine print. As far as the customer is concerned, NMs are permanent.

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