Sarah Elazar: Teague, talk to me.

Erica Teague: We've had enemy contact. But the enemy... they're...

Sarah Elazar: You should have held position in the Cargo Bay.

Erica Teague: I couldn't, Chief, I couldn't let those people...

Sarah Elazar: Can you get to the escape pods?

Erica Teague: Negative... the escape pods are malfuntioning, it's like they're locked in place. Only four of us made it to Life Support...

Sarah Elazar: Five. I'm picking up Remmer behind you.

Erica Teague: Negative, Remmer - Remmer isn't Remmer, Chief. These things... Chief, the main lift - it isn't working - we're locked out. O my god. Remmer. Remmer's here. Stay away, stay away-

Sarah Elazar: Teague? Teague? Erica. Respond!

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