Reminder about company password policy is an email in Prey.


From: Danielle Sho
To: Marco Simmons
Cc: Sylvain Bellamy
Subject: Reminder about company password policy
This is just a friendly reminder from the relevant portion of the policy handbook:

2.7 Password Protection
2.7.1 Do not share your password with anyone. Passwords are sensitive confidential information.
2.7.2 Passwords must not be inserted into email messages, transcribe conversations, or other forms of communication.
2.7.3 Do not write down passwords and store them anywhere in your office.
2.7.4 If you suspect your password has been compromised, report it to IT immediately. Users will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on a workstation that has been compromised and not reported.


This email can be read on Marco Simmons's workstation in the Simulation Lab, Neuromod Division.