"Unhhhhh... Dr. Yu? What happened? Where... Oh god, please tell me you killed that - thing."
Rani Chaudhary after freed from mind-control [src]

Rani Chaudhary is a security officer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Rani Chaudhary worked as a security officer aboard Talos I. She was secretly tasked by Sarah Elazar with monitoring Alex Yu's actions. Right before the Typhon outbreak, Chaudhary and her team were on the verge of arresting Alex.

During the Typhon containment breach, a Telepath flies into Arboretum and takes control of her together with Mickey Pitt Sr. and Rodney S. Poole. To prevent other from suffering the same fate they locked themselves up with the Telepath inside a greenhouse.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu encounters Chaudhary still locked inside the greenhouse. If they kill the Telepath, Chaudhary will immediately regain senses while others goes unconscious but if Morgan knock her unconscious before defeating Telepath, she will re-appear at manufacturing room. Alternatively, if Morgan uses Mindjack on her, she will pull out her Silenced Pistol and open fire on the Telepath.

After the Typhon is dealt with she gives them access code to the Arboretum's (AR01) Storage Room and then retreats to the Cargo Bay B to rendezvous with her superior Sarah Elazar. If Morgan saves her before assisting survivors on Cargo Bay B she will also assist on defending the Cargo B main gate.

Quests Edit

  • Save Rani

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