From: Anders Kline
To: Gus Magill
Subject: RE: Unresolved G.U.T.S. Incident

Yo. Find anything?

From: Gus Magill
To: Anders Kline
Subject: Unresolved G.U.T.S. Incident

Hey Anders,
Got your message about the shipment failure. I dispatched an Engineering Operator to check it out and something weird happened. Telemetry shows it ran into some sort of... energetic latticework. The readings were unlike anything I've seen. Side effect from a Psychotronics project?
In any case, the Operator was able to move through it and investigate, but shorty after it became unresponsive. I'm going to have to get human eyes on it, but all our people are tied up with a critical fuel transfer. When that's done I'll send someone to check it out.

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