From: Franklin Goode
To: Matthew Connolly
Subject: RE: Shipment Ready

Screw that, I would have asked for 75% if I know you were going to name it something so stupid.


From: Matthew Connolly
To: Franklin Goode
Subject: RE: Shipment Ready

Ok, three things:
1. It was a 35% cut, and you know it.
2. Softshell is a magnificent name.
3. Thanks.


From: Franklin Goode
To: Matthew Connolly
Subject: Shipment Ready

I got your case of Operator parts ready to go. I put all the spare junk I could scrounge out of the Machine Shop in there. It's in the usual spot.

Just remember our deal: I get a 40% cut on any prize money your Operator (did you seriously call it "Softshell"?) pulls in.


P.S. I also threw in that GLOO gun you asked for yesterday. You're our unofficial guinea pig so let me know how it works out.

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