From: Peter Coleman
To: Penny Tennyson
Subject: RE: Readings Around Talos

Hello Penny,

We are running a variety of processes that may influence your data. I have your itinerary, so I will dispatch a science operator with some tools to help you get clean readings. Keep a look out for it.
good luck,
Peter Coleman
From: Penny Tennyson
To: Peter Coleman
Subject: Readings Around Talos
Hello Peter,
At last I have a free day to take solar energy readings from around Talos to validate shielding efficiency. I'll be all over the place for the next 24 hours and will post my itinerary below. Please let me know if you will be running any particle processes since it may influence my readings. Thanks!
04:00 Crew Quarters.
08:00 Lobby.
12:00 Deep Storage.
18:00 Life Support.
22:00 Power Plant.

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