From: Lorenzo Calvino
To: Danielle Sho
Subject: RE: My Password
Ok, thanks.

From: Danielle Sho
To: Lorenzo Calvino
Subject: My Password

Dr. Calvino, For starters, if you have any more questions about passwords please email the IT department and don't use my personal address.
Second, you should NEVER type your password into an email. Regardless of how tight your security is, you never know.
Third, the password guidelines are just that, guidelines. You're all grownups and can use whatever you want, but we have a list of recommendations for keeping your passwords safe.

Danielle Sho
Chief Archivist

From: Lorenzo Calvino
To: Danielle Sho
Subject: My Password

My workstation said that it was time to update my password. I wanted to know if it was ok to use KublaiKhan and whether that fit your requirements.
Dr. Calvino

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