From: Jorgen Thorstein
To: Clive Lawrence
Subject: RE: Fabricator Malfunction


Thank you for the update. I'll handle it from here.

-Dr. Thorstein

From: Clive Lawrence
To: Jorgen Thorstein
Subject: Possible Fabricator Malfunction

Dr. Thorstein, I checked the Neuromod stamps and the lattices in the Fabricator, and both check out. There's no obvious failure in the components. I may need to disassemble the machine.

It's possible there is something in the specs Igwe is using that's causing the failure rate? Hard to believe, Igwe's pretty thorough, but we all make mistakes. I'll keep working on it.

Maybe there was something specific about that batch - weren't there a few scrambled ones last cycle, too?

-Clive Lawrence

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