From: Matthew Connolly
To: Emmanuel Mendez
Subject: RE: Duncan

Eww, with Krassikoff? Come on Manny, you know I only have eyes for you.

Besides, there's no way Krassikoff's blowing the whistle on BattleOps. He helped start it too, remember? He'd go down with the rest of us. I think he's more of a petty revenge kind of guy, anyway. Give him a week. I bet he gets over it.


From: Emmanuel Mendez
To: Mathew Connolly
Subject: Duncan

Shit, Connolly. I think Duncan's really pissed this time. Did you have to humiliate him like that? His Operator was already as good as done. If he takes this to Brooks, we could all end up in the can. Can't you two just kiss and make up?