"The Psychoscope was a breakthrough. Apart from Neuromods, it's the most important tech on Talos I. "
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The Psychoscope is a piece of technology developed by Morgan Yu to aid in the process of studying the Typhon organisms, and which allows Morgan to research more alien type Neuromods by scanning the aliens.


The Psychoscope is a helmet-like contraption with a built in view screen and a singular large cycloptic camera eye that is worn over Morgan's face.


The Psychoscope replaces the zoom function that Morgan previously had access to: using the zoom button after acquiring it will instead bring up the Psychoscope overlay. As long as Morgan is wearing the Psychoscope, any organism that they encounter and have not yet fully studied is scanned and data on them is added to a Research Database. Only living creatures and non-destroyed machines can be scanned. Once enough data has been accumulated for a specific organism, a new Alien type neuromod is made available to unlock. Pointing the Psychoscope at a Typhon organism will also tag it in the HUD, identifying items which are actually Mimics and allowing enemies to be tracked even through walls.

The Psychoscope also provides shielding against specific psi abilities - for example, Morgan is immune to mind control by a Telepath.

Equipping the Psychoscope does have the disadvantage of disabling access to the weapon wheel, since the control to pull it up is used to zoom the Psychoscope in and out.


The Psychoscope is found on a corpse in the lowest level of Psychotronics. It is required to enter the main lab area.

In Mooncrash, the Psychoscope can be found in Riley Yu's office on Pytheas Labs.

Trivia Edit

  • In early concept art, the Psychoscope was a pair of goggles.

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