Mitsuko Tokaji: In light of what we now know the Typhon are capable of... and not capable of... it seems prudent to revisit the project cobalt material.

Alex Yu: Igwe?

Dayo Igwe: Neuromods can already adapt Typhon material to the human mind. There's no reason, in principle, the reverse wouldn't work.

Alex Yu: Say you manage to insert human neurons into a Typhon. How will you know it was successful?

Mitsuko Tokaji: The new neural structures would need to mature over a series of actual experiences.

Morgan Yu: Or simulated ones.

Alex Yu: What?

Morgan Yu: Simulate the experiences. Calvino. He has-

Alex Yu: Right. Okay. Look - it's fascinating, but let's focus on what we know is working. I don't want anyone devoting resources to this.

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